Miss Amanda Hungate, TK and Kindergarten Teacher


Reading: Students are given the foundational building blocks for reading.  They are taught to pay attention to a speaker without interrupting and to retell the events of the story after hearing it.  They also respond to the story with a drawing and other forms of art.

Language/Phonics:  Students learn to identify and name the alphabet letters and learn the sounds of the consonants and vowels. They also learn to combine letter sounds to read and write simple words.

Handwriting:  Students learn to form each alphabet letter correctly in both upper and lower case and the numbers 1 through 30.  They also learn to write their names.

k2Math: Students are introduced to numbers and number sense, geometry and measurement, and data analysis.  The program uses manipulatives to introduce math concepts.

Science: The students explore God’s creation through a variety of experiments and observations.

Social Studies:  Students learn about safety, family, friendship and themselves.

Bible:  We use selected Bible stories, memorize related Bible verses, and use arts and craft activities and object lessons to reinforce the lessons.

Physical Education