Our fifth and sixth graders are enjoying a week-long exciting, academic, hands-on science program based on the California Science Framework.  This program is offered by Mount Hermon which is located in the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains.  The students are able to explore the coastal redwood and unique sand hills that are distinct to this area and learn about creek research, plant and animal identification, night hikes, habitat restoration, and more.Read More →

Our third and fourth grade students recently took a field trip to the Sonoma Mission and to the Petaluma Adobe Rancho State Historic Park.  They heard about the daily lives of the people who lived at the Adobe Rancho.  As the day progressed, they learned about cooking, gardening, blacksmithing, rounding up and branding cattle, carding wool and making yarn.  It was an eye-opening experience!Read More →

Students in grades 3 through 7 enjoyed a field trip to the Walt Disney Family Museum on Wednesday, February 8. The museum is located in the Presidio in San Francisco. The students in Mrs. Ledesma’s class prepared for the trip by reading an excerpt from a biography of Walt Disney. They were joined by the older students as they all watched a number of Disney’s earliest black and white animations. Later, Mr. Vickery, one of the 4th grade parents who works at Pixar Studios, shared his knowledge of storyboards and the process of animation with the students in Mrs. Ledesma’s and Mrs. Sankey’s classes. AtRead More →