Why I Like ACS…

comment from our parents:

  • the class sizes are great!  Sense of community is superb!
  • the care and attention and genuine interest the teachers have shown to our child.
  • I appreciate the spiritual foundation of the school.  It is my hope that my sons not only get a good education, but that they grow up to be good Christians.
  • the family friendly environment.
  • We love that the classes are kept small.  This gives the children one on one time with their teachers.
  • Christian world-view is taught.
  • Close partnership between teachers and parents.

and an excerpt from a letter from an alumni parent:

John’s* (not his real name) first semester grades arrived yesterday and I wanted to share them with because I am so very grateful for the influence you have had on his life in preparing him for high school.  He achieved a 4.43 GPA..… and, it goes beyond the academic.  John immediately joined cross country when he started SJND…and, today he played piano for our offertory at church…. He has a self confidence that I wish I had at his age, and even now.

So, at the risk of appearing to brag, I share this with you because I am so very, very grateful for the foundation you have given John so that he can succeed.  We knew he was doing well at ACS, but I wasn’t sure how it would translate to the high school environment.  I am convinced that it is because you taught him well, you supported him in all of his efforts, and you built a self confidence in him that will serve him well for his entire life.  You are all instrumental in helping him move forward in his quest to be the man God wants him to be.