Classroom Observation

Each month a Board member of Alameda Christian School visits the school.  The Board member spends part of a day talking with teachers and visiting classrooms.  Annette McNamee visited the school in January 2014 and gave the following report.  If you are a member of the ACS community, you will be gratified to read her report.  I invite you to read it if you are considering a Christian education for your children.

Alameda Christian School
Classroom Visit Notes
Annette McNamee
January 28, 2014

 As a member of the Board of Alameda Christian School, I had the opportunity to visit the classrooms on Tuesday, January 28, 2014. It was abundantly clear that I was in a Christian school.  The walls in every classroom were adorned with Christian-themed posters, colorful religious artwork and Bible references.  Each room had the Bible verse theme for the school year proudly displayed: “Let the little children come…” Luke 18:16.  I saw Holy Bibles on shelves in each classroom and the Christian Flag hanging alongside the American Flag. Another indication of the Christian education was the ACS logo on the school uniforms.

 In several of the classrooms on this day, the lessons I observed were religious in nature.  Mrs. Postma’s first and second grade classroom sang Christian and Gospel Bible songs, some along with worship CDs.  They said prayers, pledged to the Christian Flag and recited a Bible verse.  The children listened as their teacher read a devotion story about praising God through singing and she taught a Religion lesson about Jericho and Joshua.  The children were attentive and respectful to the teacher and to each other.

 In Mrs. Sankey’s fifth and sixth grade classroom, the class was preparing for a Religion test.  The children all participated in the discussions and were very knowledgeable. One of the topics was quiet time to pray and listening to Jesus.  The classroom also had a list of the Books of the Old Testament on the wall.

 While observing Mrs. Pero’s P.E. class with the fifth through eighth grades, the children were very enthusiastic and respectful.  They played well together.  They were truly thankful for the fresh air and exercise!

 Mrs. Ledesma’s third and fourth grade classroom was particularly colorful and cheerful, displaying many religious assignments and references.  There were Christian books on the shelves and pictures of the children on the walls, which showed how much they are cared for.  The class said a prayer before snacks and each student got to name one of God’s creatures: their very own worm!

 In Mrs. Eisemann’s seventh and eighth grade classroom, the walls had several crosses display.  The lesson topic that morning was math.  I did notice that the students were on the honor system to correct their own papers and they took that responsibility seriously.

 In the Kindergarten classroom, Mrs. Rowton read a story to the children about doing their best with God’s help.  Then they all paraded around the room singing about marching in the Lord’s army.  Even at these young ages, the students were respectful and polite.

 Overall, it is so wonderful to see such strong faith in God in the students at Alameda Christian School.  The overall atmosphere was loving, respectful and positive.  The children were excited and proud to be there.  It is an honor to be a part of this wonderful school that puts such emphasis on not just a great learning environment, but a God-centered one.