Cartooning with Walt Disney

Students in grades 3 through 7 enjoyed a field trip to the Walt Disney Family Museum on Wednesday, February 8. The museum is located in the Presidio in San Francisco. The students in Mrs. Ledesma’s class prepared for the trip by reading an excerpt from a biography of Walt Disney. They were joined by the older students as they all watched a number of Disney’s earliest black and white animations. Later, Mr. Vickery, one of the 4th grade parents who works at Pixar Studios, shared his knowledge of storyboards and the process of animation with the students in Mrs. Ledesma’s and Mrs. Sankey’s classes.

At the museum, students took part in an animation workshop. They worked in multi-age

Learning how to make cartoons

groups to create simple characters out of construction paper, learned how to make them move in tiny steps, and used a multi-level plane camera to show depth. The process they used is just like the one Walt Disney used to make his early animated movies.

After the workshop, the students and parents took tours of the museum, learning about Walt Disney’s life and all his achievements. He was definitely a man who took chances and was not afraid to fail. He kept picking himself up and starting over, coming up with new ideas and innovations. It was certainly an informative and inspirational field trip!